AUTENTO Electronics Ind. Ltd. has been established since 1978. We have nearly 30 years of global experiences supplying automation electronic components and control applications for the leading manufacturer, such as counters/timers, speedometer, digital panel meter, LED display etc...

Nowadays, by basing ourselves on the features demanded by most of industries, we focus our perspectives as follow:

  • Data acquisition
  • Application management
  • Total solution for system integration
  • Developing supervisory platform
  • Provide various industrial upgrades
News/ Events

AUTENTO offers a cost-effective DC Cooling-Fan Tester, which it adopts PWM module. The new AUTENTO’s Cooling-Fan is a unique-designed module that can display the real-time voltage, current, and RPM of a driving cooling-fan simultaneously. The fan’s duty cycle and frequency is freely configurable via front panel and it is compatible with 2-wire, 3-wire, or 4-wire 0VDC ~ 75VDC cooling-fan. This tester can be adopted in a wide variety of applications to display process value – such as keep track of manufacturing process, enhance the management of quality control…etc. The tester also offers optional Modbus RTU and RS-232/485 communication interface provides the capability of two-way serial communication between the PWM Cooling-Fan Tester and PC. Therefore, the maintenance inspector can collect and save logged data into personal computer as future reference. (Link)
Why do we choose FEDA Series 
1.Compatible with industrial computer or PLC 
2.Display real-time data on PC or HMI (Human Machine Interface)
3.Isolated monitoring system 
4.Ability to collect data into remote PC or PLC via serial or Ethernet communication interface 
5. Support NI LabView software drivere. (Link)